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When is it Time to Consider a Career Change?
by Rex Rolf, Career, Leadership and Performance Coach at Cornerstone Performance Group, LLC.

4 Moves You Didn’t Realize Make You Look Unprofessional in an Interview by Jay McCauley, Managing Director, Oxford Tax Recruiting

Resume Reflection: Is Your Career Heading in the Right Direction? by Larry Barlow of Tax Advantage Personnel, Inc.

Executives in Transition Workshop
The Executives in Transition workshop is a great opportunity for executives to learn the latest tools and technology to help them land their next opportunity. This workshop includes direct introductions to other executives, up to six VIP event invitations to members only organizations and the opportunity to work directly with emerging technology CEOs as a mentor. FTL members who have taken this course have credited it with helping them attain the next step in their career. FTL members receive a $150 discount with code FTL-EIT. Register by April 10 and receive a $500 discount! Denver classes begin April 17, 2017.

Career Mobility Services
Cornerstone Performance Group, LLC is a full service career mobility consulting service that helps individuals, teams and organizations identify and implement effective solutions to transform careers, develop leaders and improve performance efficiently and affordably. (Read more)

Featured Recruiters
These recruiters have been referred by members of FTL. We also recommend joining Lew’s List for those in Arizona and Colorado. Interested in referring someone or being added? Contact us.
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Tax Opportunities
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